This is the best way to optimize costs and enhance the efficiency of labor.

Personnel on Lease

kmd-PRO offers staff leasing services. This service has been very popular for many years all over the world. All our employees are multi-skilled specialists with a great experience in the following areas:

We offer qualified staff to do both one-off jobs and to perform regular on-again work on the contract basis.

Our main advantage is the customers’ loyalty and their positive feedback. kmd-PRO has been working in the area of personnel lease for more than 5 years.

All company employees are responsible, disciplined, and professional. They perfectly perform their job.

How can you lease our staff?

If you have any questions about outsourcing or staff profiles, you can always contact our manager.
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kmd-PRO is an international fast-growing company wishing to cooperate with qualified specialists. If you do not have specific skills in a particular area, we will gladly educate and teach you. Our team is always happy to accept people who love their work and are result-oriented. With kmd-PRO, you can get a job both in Ukraine and in European countries. We offer official employment on the contract basis.

Willing to work in kmd-PRO?

Send your resume to resume@kmd-pro.com or call